Eauxps’s r/BackyardBaseball Season 3 Reports: Week 4

Week 3 was a rough one for me, especially the second game where I lost to the AI for the first time in this league. With the fourth week of competition, the league was moving out of divisional play, and I would now start an eight-game series where each team would play the other teams in their league, but outside of the division. For the first week, I would be playing both of the teams coached by AreYouTyler. From his performances in the first three games, I judged him as a good player capable of putting up really high numbers, but also one who scored low enough often enough that I could theoretically beat him. I’d need to put up good performances to do so, however, and that was far from guaranteed.

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New Game Experiences in 2018: A Quick Overview

I decided to scrap my original idea of making a series of blog posts for each game I played for the first time this year, but I also didn’t want to 100% abandon the games without saying at least a little bit about them. So here are posts that, while they may not be short, are shorter than I otherwise would have written. I may write more about some of these games in future.

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Eauxps’s r/BackyardBaseball Season 3 Reports: Week Three

Somehow, after two weeks of play, I found myself sitting among the top players in the league. Sure, I wasn’t anywhere near league leadership in anything (except for two-time Game Ball winner Chucky Flinder), and I hadn’t churned out any disgusting run counts like others had, but I was still 3-1 in the first two weeks, equaling the best any other coach could muster. What would that look like after another round of games, though?

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r/BackyardBaseball Season 3: Week 3 Preview

With two games in the books, the top teams in the league are really starting to stand out. Early division frontrunners have been identified, but will the trends continue as we go into the last week of opening intradivisional play? Let’s break this down matchup-by-matchup.

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Eauxps’s r/BackyardBaseball Season 3 Reports: Week Two

Opening Week proved to be quite insightful, as I was able to see how well the other managers were able to make their teams perform. There was quite an array of final scores, with several over 30 on one end and a run differential of -2 on the other, and now I had a better idea of how threatening various teams were. Week Two would be the first time that I had a better idea of what to expect, and hopefully this time I would be able to improve on my initial performances… and my opponents would actually show up.

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Eauxps’s r/BackyardBaseball Season 3 Reports: Week One

Opening Day is here! After a couple of weeks of preparation, it was finally time to begin the season and see how my teams would do. Thanks to embedded technology in my Windows 10 system, I was able to pretty easily record my full games, and will be uploading them to Youtube (as I plan to do the entire season). I’m writing these reports immediately post-game (for each game), and will actually publish them once the week’s play has drawn to a close.

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r/BackyardBaseball Season 3: Preseason Predictions

The beginning of my first season of the r/BackyardBaseball BBL is coming soon, but not soon enough for me. I’m still excited about the upcoming season and have no other good way to vent this, so I’ll be doing one more preseason post here.

I’m going to predict the season’s final standings, and then the playoff results for the heck of it. I think that, right or wrong, this will be a fun little thing to come back to later on in the season and see just how my expectations correlated with the actual results.

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